Bradamante opens up a can of whoop-ass:

😀 😀 😀

yea, nevermind the sound, it doesn’t do justice to either Galou or to the orchestra, but damn, that was the best Vorrei vendicarmi action I’ve seen so far! It also helps that her Ruggiero looks particularly puny. Clearly Morgana was the woman of taste in this production.

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  1. 😀 😀 :D!!!
    (must be taped from someone in the orchestra!)

    • maybe one of them had a bike helmet with camera on it 😉

      • i can imagine the violin player in the middle of the run dropped the instrument and pull out the phone camera! (i would too! actually it reminded me of on ship i saw this supppper beautiful jelly fish and wanted so bad to just drop the $100K instrument and pull out camera to capture it 😀 )

        • I like how you compared Bradamante to an amazing jelly fish 😀

          • it’s art 😉 (it was soooo beautiful, gracefully flowing in the clear Arctic water, about my size!! truly life art)

            • I think marine life is the most beautiful, I agree. You just have to look at the variety and the shapes and colour combinations and feel like us here on the ground are drab looking by comparison.

              • no, we on land are ok too 😉

                unrelated: mitridate is live broadcast today at 6pm your time (i think) on arte tv. we the craze will gather tomorrow at 9pm (GMT+2, whatever time that is for me.. will have to calc) on Anik’s blog for a party in case you’re around and would like to join

                • The broadcast is today and you are gathering tomorrow?

                  • yes, lots of arranging required.. we didn’t know about the broadcast until yesterday… 🙂 , but am giving you a heads up in case you have time today but not tomorrow etc… I will probably set alarm, wake up to set capture machine, then resist peeking in and go back to bed… in case it’s not avail for post-viewing for tomorrow gathering..

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