Guth Tito at Glyndebourne 2017

  1. YES! Tito returns and not in that tilted floor production from ~1990.
  2. Oh, dear god Guth, please let it be half good – and no additional characters, thanksbye.
  3. Mantra: decent Sesto, decent Sesto, decent Sesto… After the mega neurotic Nerone in Vienna I’m afraid to think too much about this. Also who. Just not EG, KL or Carmen Tancredi, please ye gods above and below.
  4. Alice Coote is Vitellia, which is an interesting thought, although that really scuppers my Sesto hopes.

edit: now that we know Sesto is Kate Lindsey, let’s remember how that worked out last time:

PS: thanks to Giulia and Baroque Bird for the prompt alert 😀

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  1. wow, i thought you were joking w/ A.Coote as Vitellia! that’d be something! since you have the switch from trouser to underpants, the carmentancredi sounds like a match 😉

  2. after my very recent C_T Sesto experience, I add my prayers to that.
    God, no.
    Coote may be able to act for three, but she is better with an actual stage partner (that Vitellia will be something to write home about either way – JDD meanwhile seems to gear up for Adalgisa NOT opposite Anna N. stateside. I will disappointed if there won’t be massive subtext).

    …also, wasn’t KL announced meanwhile?

    • I’ll have to live with KL, the lesser evil of the three. I hope she got a bit better since Paris. She has the eyecandy part covered, I’m not complaining about that but I want someone who can actually act the part (and not muddle the coloratura either). I’ve seen her three times, she’s entertaining (eyecandy first and foremost and can do physical stuff) but I didn’t get a true depth from her yet. We’ll see if Coote can galvanise her a bit. Seems a bit of an odd match (kinda like with Gauvin).

      JDD is best in belcanto anyway, so that shall be good. Not with AN? Even better 😀

  3. Here’s the (not quite) full cast: Steve Davislim (Tito), Alice Coote (Vitellia), Kate Lindsey (Sesto), Joélle Harvey (Servilia)

  4. I’m going to be the cheerful person going against everyone else and say, yay, Kate Lindsey! 😀 I like Kate Lindsey. I’ve argued with Dehgg about her before. I think she’s adorable, although before the hordes rush at me, I’m not quite sure how she’ll tackle the gravity of Sesto… but (cautiously) she might surprise us…?

    The dynamic with Coote is going to be a little odd, it’s true: I’m already imagining Vitellia eating Sesto alive.

    This might be one worth making an effort to go to, although considering it’s Guth it’s likely to be weird (she says, based on expansive experience of one opera that he’s directed). Hmm. Save our pennies and go for a picnic, Dehgg?

  5. Regie, or Not Regie?

    Thanks for the heads up about this (I am gradually returning to the blogosphere. A Guth Tito is going to be interesting at least and possible very good. Althouygh… would it be too much to ask for someone to revive the Kusej version from Salzburg?
    Hopefully this is one that Glyndebourne will let this one be streamed somewhere.

    P.S, In the discussion about dropping the pitch, I immediately went to Luca Pisaroni as Tito. (“how surprising.” said absolutely no one)

    • Regie, or Not Regie?

      Clearly, I need to proofread my posts before posting them. Sorry about all the typos and extra words and such. (Or I need to post in the light of day rather than in the dark of night.)

    • Hard to see how the Kusej could be mounted anywhere other than the Felsenreitschule.

      • why not bring it back there, if they had a similarly good team?

      • Regie, or Not Regie?

        Good point; there is a production that definitely is tailored to the space. That said, with some new blocking, I am sure Marty could make it work in a traditional proscenium environment. As long as the personenregie…well he’s gotten weirder since then, no doubt… hmmm at least we have the DVD!!

    • how surprising indeed 😀 but you have my vote.

      good to see you back! I was wondering how you were.

      we’ll see what happens, Guth is always surprising if nothing else. At least he can’t take the comedy out of this one as there’s none 😉 and it tends to get better the darker it is.

      don’t we all dream of the Kusej production making a comeback? Though over the years I have convinced myself that it would be annoying to see in the house, due to its massiveness.

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