Oreste, Juditha triumphans and Ariodante in the months to come

Here are some reasons why Handel’s pasticcio of own arias, Oreste, is a good idea for ROH’s Young Artists Autumn Show.

One. A who’s who of core Handel collaborators sang it:

Oreste mezzo-soprano castrato Giovanni Carestini
Ifigenia, priestess of Diana soprano Cecilia Young
Ermione, Oreste’s wife soprano Anna Maria Strada del Pò
Pilade, faithful friend and companion of Oreste tenor John Beard
Filotete, captain of King Toante’s guard contralto Maria Caterina Negri

Two. Some rocking music:

Pensieri, voi mi tormentate (Agrippina)
Agitato da fiere tempeste (Ricardo primo) Fagioli | Stutzmann
Dite pace e fulminate (Sosarme)
Empio, se mi dai vita (Radamisto, though there it’s called Vile, se mi dai vita)
Se’l caro figlio (Siroe)
Dopo l’orrore (Ottone)
Ah, mia cara (Floridante) the best Handel duet – ever? alone worth the price of admission
Tu di pieta mi spogli (Siroe)
Mi lagnerò, tacendo (Siroe)

Barbican. Though it remains a staunch purveyor of Baroque music, the Barbican has gone mad on prices and terrible on spelling (have a drink for each one you spot in the screen cap below), but still:


For this 16 May 2017 performance of Ariodante I got a Balcony £30 ticket and I advise interested parties to avoid the overhang at the back of the stalls. Now let’s hope nobody changes their mind until then.

But before May 2017 we have Vivaldi’s mezzo/contralto heaven Juditha triumphans on 2 November 2016. And you will soon see why I made the effort:

Vivaldi Juditha Triumphans

Magdalena Kožená Juditha
Delphine Galou Holofernes ❤ 😀
Ann Hallenberg Vagaus ❤
Romina Basso Ozias
Silke Gaeng Abra
Andrea Marcon director | Venice Baroque Orchestra

Not to say that the music alone isn’t worth your money wise choice of seat but DG in the flesh! I hope the sound carries well to where I got a seat on the left side of the Circle. And the others are very fine also (AH! as they say Ah, AH! 4 times in a year?! Spoiled, I tells ya), less so Ms Juditha but at least she has a pleasant voice.

Here‘s Sardelli’s take on it (of whose angular style I’m very fond), with DG and AH, and here is Marcon’s Venice Baroque Orchestra, which is closer to what we’re in for (for my ears the choir is a bit too soprano-flighty).

PS: Sorry for misspelling triumphans more often than not…

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  1. turning green with envy.. they’ve got to stop having meetings the first week of Nov… it seems EVERYWHERE there are cool things happening that week (and last wk of Oct too.. i mean just move the meeting to Jan or something 😀 )
    don’t forget Romina Basso! I’d have much preferred hearing her as Juditha! I guess you’ll find out how well Kožená handels the low notes!

    also super envy on Oreste.. and the finale chorus 🙂 (but where’s “my” Ariodante with the beautiful jaw?! i still have the image of her kneeling down in my head!)

    • we might be seeing your Ariodante around here, hopefully. Kožená has low notes? 😉 Maybe you need to be lobbying for that meeting to be moved at least a few weeks later. I actually don’t know Basso, we’ll see how she handles the Barbican.

  2. rocking with N.Stutzmann!! we don’t see/hear enough in Händel!

  3. i knew it! you’re missing at least one GORGEOUS aria on this list! coz i have an extract from somewhere of handel_oreste on my hard-drive simply for this aria, which i first heard on VK’s sento brillar cd (from a diff opera too). I put the entire extract up in case you also recognize where it comes from 🙂 . aria starts at min 14.39, i think it’s “Un interrotto affetto”

    • aha, I was looking for it and I think I couldn’t find it or something. I had a much longer list but only posted the things I could find.

    • I’ve got around to listening to the whole thing, very nice! and very nice of you to put up almost an hour of the thing 😀 many thanks.

      • i know, i love this “extract”!! like yesterday i put it on and it ended up round and round 3x . i think i captured it from vivalavoce so probably from a recording… don’t know why i don’t have the 2nd “extract” 🙂

      • instead of working am having fun perusing your old posts.. and want to report i discovered it’s M-E. Nesi as Orest in that recording! (or whoever the character was that sings low notes in the clip, not the CT.)

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