ROH Summer Season General Sale goes slightly awry…

Noooooo, I double booked like an idiot 😦

So, anyone interested in a ticket to the opening night of Il trovatore? I discovered I liked Haroutounian enough not to wait until Winter but it looks like I will have to anyway. Feh.

Anyway, this is what I got:

Werther, 24 June

Il trovatore, 2 July

Jette Parker Young Artists Summer Performance, 17 July

Though I like the music better, I scraped Nabucco for the damn Il trovatore just to expand my Verdi soprano horizons (I’ve already seen Monastyrska the last time around) and there it goes clashing with Stutzmann… (please reschedule!)

I never remember how the booking for the previous season went but this time the site “said” there would be a queue forming by 8:55am. There seemed to be no queue by that time but maybe I was too eager in logging in too early. By 9am I was number 1700something in the queue. All was done in 15min but alas.


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