Alcina this February

Say 4th of February finds you on the French Riviera, you could spend a few hours with this motley cast and Handel’s finest work from 1735:

Sonya Yoncheva
Philippe Jaroussky
Emöke Barath
Delphine Galou ❤
Anicio Zorzi Giustiniani ❤!
Christian Senn
Hasnaa Bennani

or you can skip to Geneve (8 (performances) for this cast:

Nicole Cabell
Monica Bacelli
Siobhan Stagg
Kristina Hammarström
Erlend Tvinnereim / Anicio Zorzi Giustiniani
Michael Adams
bonus: no Oberto!

rather balanced casts.


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  1. oh, it must be the Geneve one that i think they’ll broadcast on espace2 ! that’s what i “heard” yesterday on that radio while listening to N.Stutzmann’s concert.. but my french was too broken to know which/when/how.. but they were clearly talking about Alcina and broadcast 😀

  2. Somehow I read “Rich Anti-Age Creme” as “Anti-Rage Creme”. I don’t think that would work for Handel.

  3. Hmm difficult choice… I’d rather prefer Hammarström to Galou all the time, but for the rest…
    I’d go with Yoncheva over Cabell (whom I don’t know much, though), but perhaps both are slightly too young for Alcina. I’m not crazy neither for Philippe nor for Bacelli in the role of Ruggiero, but I’d go with the second. I don’t know Siobhan Stagg so I cannot compare the Morganas.
    I’d probably go to Geneve, even if I like those cute arias of Oberto (if sung well!) even if they don’t bring anything to the drama.

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