Give us our daily spam

Ever wonder what kind of spam opera posts get? I bet you have, since you too probably have an opera blog 😉 Check mine out:

The post on pasticcio gets this:

“We have people here in this city, in this country, who understand those markets, who have operated in those markets,” he said. “They come from those markets and have now come to our shores, and we should be exploiting that much more extensively and thinking much bigger on how we apply it.”

Who comes up with this stuff? It’s like a cross between a Donald Trump presidential campaign ad and Braveheart.

Alice Coote’s trousers is very popular with spammers. Here’s the latest one:

Way cool! Some extremely valid points! I appreciate you writing this article and the rest of the website is really good.

Well, duh! Of course the points are very valid and the post extremely important in the great scheme of things. I bet it changed someone’s life.

This is the kind of spam what works with anything. Sometimes you get it like “cool idea. Check out my site and subscribe!” I refuse to check out any site that asks me to check it out without having anything of value to add to the conversation. Take your spam and shove it.

Cavalli’s L’Ormindo:

Snow Bear are a few.Consequently, it requires a reliable internet connection and won suit users needing pathetic to ask such a question. It’s not necessary because the revised policy has concrete language fine.It’s all in here. Your advances had been turned down by him suddenly. When I’m in

Google translate with bonus Kafka-esque ending! But the advances being turned down suddenly kinda goes with the libretto…

Can you overdo Myself I shall adore? gets something surprisingly topical:

On [pornsite I don’t want to advertise] all porn videos are in HD, wide selection of porn categories and over 6000 cards pornstars.

I don’t understand random advertising. Visual noise.


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  1. Regie, or Not Regie?

    A few of my posts got so heavily spammed that I took them down. (I reposted the Miah Persson “Midridate” clip because I couldnt bear for it to simply not be there any more.) catches a lot of the spam posts. I get an email whenever someone leaves a comment; when something looks spamish, I go to delete it and often find it’s already gone. If Blogger doesn’t catch them, I pretty much automatically delete any comment from someone I don;t know that has a hyperlink in it. It’s sad to get a notice that “someone left you a comment” only to find it’s just some clickbait!!

    P.S. I have been binge-reading my old blog posts and enjoying reading your comments again.

    • It’s sad you had to take such drastic measures. Mine are caught in the spam folder but out of curiosity I scan the contents every other day.

      reading one’s own posts can be extremely beneficial to one’s mood 😉

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