Have a Chocolatey Christmas!

brussels choco santa

Shop window in Brussels, November 2014

Happy Christmas to everyone who celebrates and a lovely end of the year to those who might not 🙂 Here‘s one of my favourite carols if you feel inclined to listen to something traditional like chez dehggi.


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Mozart/Baroque loving red dragon

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  1. very soothing! what does it say? 🙂

    • Heaven and Earth

      Heaven and earth X2
      Is full of song
      Angels and humans x2
      Are singing together

      Jesus is born
      God is floating down
      Angels are singing
      Magi stand in adoration
      Shepherds are rushing
      To the manger
      Amazing things are happening

      From the East are coming X2
      Cheerful magi
      They’re bringing myrrh x2
      Gold and frankinsence


      From Heaven the word X2
      Is turning into flesh
      Night on earth x2
      Turns into day


      Jesus is born X2
      Let’s worship him
      With cheerful hearts x2
      And with cheerful songs


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