3 days of silly Christmas (Day 2: inspiring mezzos in funny hats)


You might remember I went to see JDD’s Masterclass at the Guildhall School (next door to the Barbican) last April. The Barbican has put it up in parts (student by student), so now you can see it for yourself – if you haven’t already. The student below had a very nice voice for Donna Elvira (and in general). JDD had a twisted ankle (again; it’s London).

Interestingly enough, this was my conclusion then:

You know JDD is a born educator (I would say she missed her calling as self-help guru but that’d be a bit cheeky at this point 😉 ), so you don’t have to be a singer to get something out of her masterclasses. I for one had a bit of a revelation that I could be having a lot more fun in my chosen profession if I challenged myself more.

… I did follow up on that so who knows in which ways she might end up inspiring you, too.


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