A very Wigmore Hall season

Early Xmas gifts to self:

14/12 Cesti’s OronteaI think HM said she and Leander were going to this and I had no clue what they were on about… Alternatively I’m imagining it 😉 anyway, I decided to go because it’s got Anna Stephany in the title role, who’s going to sing Sesto in this summer’s revival of the Zurich Cernobyl Tito. I am tempted to go see that but I have not yet been convinced by what I’ve heard from Stephany on youtube. This seems like a pretty good opportunity to check her out.

11/01 Pisaroni sings Schubert!

16/03 Siurina/Castronovo – I like them, I missed them so far

23/03 English Concert/Hallenberg – EC plays a bunch of Vivaldi and Hallenberg joins them for Ferrandini’s Il pianto di Maria. The first of 3 Hallenberg Wigmore Hall outings in 2016.

14/06 Mariella Devia – belcanto living legend = must see

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  1. HM is going but I’ve stupidly managed to double book myself to the Messiah and can’t drop out of that because another friend bought a ticket to come with me. But I REALLY REALLY want to see the Cesti, indeed would much rather see that than the Messiah, and am sulking because I can’t somehow split myself in too and see both.

  2. “Devia – belcanto living legend = must see”
    i read a couple of years ago Yvette sat through the whole bel-canto run (not sure which donizetti) with her and wrote rave reviews… i sat through her “Maria Stuarda” (with ACA) more than 2 yrs ago and remember she left unbelievable impression too! must be quite exciting having a living belcanto legend in the haus! — as legend am sure she ‘d manage to acoustic in the hall and not blow your ears out 😉
    (thanks for the unintentional suggestion, think i’ll go back to that now 😀 )

    • oh, sorry for the spam, i now recognize our other romeo (P.Gardina) in there too! (these ex-romeos, very easy to spot them!)

        • where is who? i’m freely assuming you’re asking for a link 😀 , actually it’s really nice, i sat thru act1 last night.. the whole thing is also on tube, though 3 yrs ago i found a version in much high-d which is now removed…)

          • ooooooh, I saw this one! My first Maria Stuarda. Really cool costumes but annoying frame. I must’ve seen it so early on I didn’t know who anyone was 😉

            • haha, i just realized last nite too what the story is about, toootally cluless as well when i saw it 3 yt ago… but i also realized how annoying the libretto can b when compared w the beautiful music, esp in duet where they r crisscrosing in nice (dis)harmony and u read “oh he s abandoning me” ” oh i so torn the other is so baeutiful” grrrr 😀

              • yea, this is another stupid libretto. The music is excellent, though. Sometime last summer I had a few weeks I kept listening to another version I have in my vault without paying attention to what was actually going on 😉

                • (one day i finally read the libretto for tancredi, man, good thing i listened to it for 4 yrs prior 😀 )

                  • Tancredi is so annoying on paper, isn’t he?

                    • although i tend to get more edgy with the female characters who are given such terrible whiny lines (in translation, music is great! 😀 ) .. and for tancredi was also quite irritated with the father.. somehow i always gave Tancredi (trousers) a pass! probably coz they are all like my 3-yr-old nephew who i’ve been in charge of watching this whole week, temper, language, action, the whole lot of Tancredi+Nerone in one 😀 (but he is very charming and likable, not sure how i can babysit the usual tancredis + nerones 😀 (but please, may i get the prowling T and/or dreadlox, will accept unconditionally anytime))

                    • Amenaide is actually not bad at all. Tancredi has great music, so I also allow him quite a bit. The only annoying thing is the tragic finale, especially if whoever is singing Tancredi is not a good (enough) actor. It just goes on and on, wah wah wah, I’m dying, wahwah I love you, I was wrong etc.

                      hey, at least you can imagine your nephew is some dude from opera 😉

                    • slept my way through tancredi on flight back, and realized i’ve always ignored the sad ending, thought music always dragging and , as exactly as you have it, “It just goes on and on, wah wah wah, I’m dying, wahwah I love you, I was wrong etc.” 😀

                    • I hope it gave you sweet dreams 😉

    • I’m at the back of the haus 😉 I learned my lesson with Roschmann and Pratt.

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