…speaking of Purcell, let’s hear something from Weldon

After discovering Dido and Aeneas thanks to thadieu’s recent Anna Caterina Antonacci obsession 😉 I thought I’d relax with a bit of funeral music by Purcell. At the tail end of the performance I found another1 great duet (from Purcell Weldon’s The Tempest) that showcases the lower voice:

It’s not often that the lower voice springs out in a duet but here we have the wonderful opportunity to hear just that (without inconveniencing the soprano either). Great job all!

  1. another other great one being the soprano/alto duet from Pergolesi’s Stabat mater

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  1. oh, let me hook up the office speakers! it’s great waking up at 7pm to start, nobody is around, can blast the low voice all i want!
    (ps- but before listening, the “funeral music” theme and that youtube pix of the drum totally reminds me of the ending of Dido and Aeneas, i don’t know if you got that far and heard, quite effective in creating this feeling of her lying down on grass.. then zoom out to large scale meadows.. and slow drumming funeral tune..

    • yes, surprisingly similar to the end of Dido (the chorus!) , but i must have missed the drum somewhere?
      (oh, now i see it, you gave an extract toward the end, drum must be at beginning 🙂 )

    • I don’t think I made it that far… I’ve had such a busy 2 weeks at work that I can’t remember very well what happened yesterday 😉 except the duet!

      low voice in the office = 😀

      • “low voice in the office”
        i was ready for a contralto ;-), but fine, the bass’ line is quite nice.. it reminded me of the time i made my first ever attempt to “sing” in a church choir !! (in vietnam, apparently if you were catholic the next phase of childhood after 5th grade was the choir).. anyhow, in there, i thought they were singing too high so wanted to sing the lower voice (see already naturally drawn toward deep!) and realized this voice the melody is NOTHING like the high-voice counterpart! and so there has to be some instruction somewhere on what to do??! then the minor details about needing to know how to read music 😀

        • hehe, good story – some people prefer singing the harmony, sometimes it’s nicer. I just love the all, all, all, sounds so great with a bass! It follows the nature of the word, I like when music is written organic like that. Did I tell you my story about lining up with the boys for singing instead of with the girls for gymnastics? I was 5 or 6, the local music school and the sports school were recruiting. They must’ve been disperate for students because they told me to show up to music school in the Autumn 😉 In the end I didn’t go because they also wanted you to play an instrument and I didn’t like the violin (it was cheaper than the piano, the only options at the time).

          • “lining up with the boys”
            bucking the trend at such young age! they might have snubbed great talent, just so you know, Thomas Quasthoff wasn’t let in the academy because he also didn’t play a 2nd instrument 😉

            • I’m in great company! Vindicated 30 years later 😀 well, the love of music never stoppe (maybe had I gone it would have and I’d be doing something else at 3am 😉 ).

              I was very radical at 5 😉 I’ve gone way soft in my old age.

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