Whoever clicked on the Faninal’s Kitchen post…

…reminded me that evergrey November is the right time of the year to watch that particular Der Rosenkavalier. Trouble is, Disc 1 has stopped working for me about a year or so ago. Every time I give it a hopeful spin it rattles the CD/DVD drive worse than the mail coach and nothing vaguely Straussian comes out.

So: can anyone pretty please ❤ hook me up with it? I keep checking Amazon and it won’t come down in price (I know it’s hardly breaking the bank but I am peeved to pay again after already owning it :P). I actually got a very generous offer when it stopped playing but I am a bit embarrassed to ask now

but I want it 😉


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  1. if it’s the same kitchen we’re talking about (i saw they made some dough in some watery/oily dishes! and VK hopping tables holding real knives!) and if you can cope with wait until my next trip i could loan you, considering i can not watch dvd now 😀

  2. Is it the Stemme/Kasarova/Hartelius one?

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