Blogspot’s at it again (rant)

You may or may not remember my foaming rant at blogspot. Well, things were manageable for a while but of late it’s gone pearshaped again. Issues:

  • blogspot (google) is obsessed with identifying you by your google ID
  • it tends to revert to that even though apparently giving you the option of choosing something else (WP, LJ etc.)
  • though it reverts to it, it still won’t post your reply (it goes on an endless loop)
  • I think I have to restart the browser to be able to post, but by this point I’m sick and tired of this inconvenience

I despair! I have already lost more than a dozen posts on various blogspot friends’ blogs due to this glitch or whatever it is.

There is only one musical choice to go with this:

This reminds me of my work’s shambolic e-learning section. The other day I had to complete a mandatory e-learning module and oh dear! First there’s another password you need to remember (or store somewhere and remember you did). Then you need to navigate the pathetically poorly designed intranet page. It’s got a search function but it has never worked. (With a bit of work) you could find the designated e-learning area, but it won’t get you anywhere regarding these modules, which are hosted somewhere else altogether.

What you need to do is find a specific Word attachement in your emails that will get you to a demo page, which runs you through the process of… logging in to another page. This demo page has a link to click which finally gets you to the proper login page. Finally you’re on your personal e-learning page.

Then comes this particular module, which you may or may not see (one of my co-workers can’t see hers, we don’t know why). Luckily, I could. Once you launch it, it takes over your entire screen. If you forgot to turn up the volume on your computer you need to go back and do that. There are some video sections none of which works. Thankfully they give you a transcript – which turns out to always be the same one. So whether the video sections were different or not is a mystery. Judging by how this is going there is a chance they were the same clip.

At the end of the introduction there is a multiple choice quiz. At the end of the quiz you get your score without being told what was the correct answer (in case you missed it), or even what the question was about in much detail. Learning at its best.

But say you finally made it through the 5 sections and you printed your e-learning diploma (yay!). After that, any rational being would click on the “home” link, right? That’s what I did and that got me to a white screen which told me I had done something illegal: In case you have done this by mistake, please email the blah blah. But you can’t email or go back or anything, because the white screen covers your entire screen and there are no live links to anything and the ESC key does not work. You are trapped.

My only solution was to thank my stars I at least got my evidence (diploma) and logged out of the computer. Some of my co-workers said they were not given the option to print it. When I logged back in on the same computer the white screen was still there. So I tried logging in on another computer, made my way back to my personal e-learning page and read this regarding the module: Incomplete.

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  1. I love your rant!


  2. i still thinking about the donuts! 😀
    primarily because it reminds me of the “panic” i felt that day, (1) couldn’t figure out if my flash-block might be preventing me from choosing the donuts, (2) while picking thinking: wow, people really eat this pink thing? (3) after getting it wrong (perhaps that pink thing was not donut after all!) suddenly the reply box got emptied, yes (4) suddenly it decided that I was on my “google account”, (5) it refreshed my whole browser and logged me out of google.. (though i insist to be anonymous while commenting..)

    On that day, miraculously hitting the “back” button i found my reply again! (which 80% of the time is not the case, that 20% is rather very random too, you have no idea why/how you recovered the reply.. and that was what it used to be.. as of this week it has been consistent in wiping reply clean)

    (ps- the print-screen function must be hit immediately upon appearance of any certificate of finished e-training session, if the whole thing is not frozen :D)

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    • I just tested this out and now I understand your donut reference – new captcha bs! Tiny tiny pix of things you must identify! Certain debatable elements! Like food pix ID with something that looks like a marigold. Marigolds are edible. Does that count as food? The (microscopic) red things look more like cupcakes than donuts, so are we changing the fundamental taxonomy of things people shouldn’t be eating anyway? Where does that lead?

      So I tested commenting via Chrome and Safari and it was annoying but there were no disasters, so we can rule out it being an overall browser compatibility problem maybe? Last time I talked to blogspot forum geeks about this sort of thing, it was about similar issues to do with iPad users’ comments. The geeks all gave up in despair, but I’ll take a look at the forums and see if anything new has been posted.

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    • I’m a fan of the back button but I have never yet recovered a reply once it disappeared so sometimes I will copy it ahead of time (just in case). On one hand it likes that you’re a google customer but it still doesn’t make it easy to post.

      I don’t understand how google thinks this level of restriction endears itself to people. I have stubbornly never used google+, though someone apparently added me. Now, annoyingly, I also can’t find my youtube inbox(es). I had that empty box thing, too, after choosing the food or whatever it was. It’s like they want people to stop using the internet.

      very good idea about print screen!


      • i think the “back” button works for me sometimes (in the past) because of all my blockage.. (at the moment i run 4 of them..) and the browser (chrome) is half of the time confused.. and sometimes i can’t tell if i’m missing something because it has been blocked (but am happy nothing is moving or playing by itself, anythiing of that sort immediately got tossed in the “ban this item” box). radio/opera streaming are always a challenge to get to work though since either the player is entirely missing or the play button is masked out 😀 <– definitely more reasonable to be panicking.

        it sounds a bit funny to say “panic” on a blog post comment, but it’s true i keep forgetting to have to jump hoops on blogspot, and only when the capcha pops up that i “panic” haven’t remembered to copy the comment first.. because now it’s too late to go back and save it!

        btw, wordpress is also a bit of a head case for me with the “phone”.. perhaps it’s a sign when one is not at the computer to just leave them blogs alone (my blog is ok apparently, but for me to leave comment on other wp blog from my phone, quite a few hoops to jump, nearly impossible!)

        to have a pleasant evening, perhaps we leave the google-minus-crap out for now 😉


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