Opera beats rain

michaelerkircheThese opera trips have been ridiculously exciting. This one couldn’t even be dampened by the VERY insistent rain.

If you’re wondering what’s going on with the Poppea writeup rest assured it is on its way, except there is a hell of a lot to write (information overload, thanks Guth and crew).

Yesterday was quite possibly the most opera filled day I’ve had so far, because it contained: opera per se, visits to two opera houses (is the Staatsoper humonguous or what?!), hanging out with cool people AND

possibly the most baroque thing in Vienna

seeing Metastasio’s coffin 😀 with metal feet/claws!

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  1. Man, I missed seeing Metastasio’s coffin when I was in Vienna! Bummer (I didn’t know it was there until reading this just now). I hope your trip continues to be fun, despite the rain.

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    • Oh, it was fun! More details when I get around to finishing the post about Poppea and possibly an additional one about fun in Vienna. I’m back to the grind now but ridiculously relaxed and chipper 😀

      Btw, Metastasio is buried in Michaelerkirche, right across from the Hofburg Palace. Unearthing this info is the work of Leander (them art historians!).


  2. As I said at the time, I’m convinced that the feet on his coffin weren’t lions’ paws – knowing Metastasio, I think they have to be the paws of Hyrcanian tigers. 😉

    Yep, trust me to insist on going to visit dead librettists. Metastasio fangirl.


    • Hyrcanian tigers for sure! I like this line of thinking. The look on the guide’s face was classic when she saw what we were after 😀 I’m now thinking of printing a Metastasio, granddaddy of opera seria t-shirt 😉


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