Jommelli’s Il Vologeso coming to town

next April, so, Baroque-loving locals, it’s time to book the cheap seats. Never heard of it before? How can you go wrong with something written in 1766? If you’re curious before booking, it’s on the trusty ‘tube. I for one was in such a hurry to book whilst being on the phone (not with the venue), I got the wrong seat 😀 at least I booked the right performance (I think?! As long as it’s not Wagner arias I’ll cope… we’re talking about 950 seats).

Il Vologeso is set in Ephesus in the second century. The Roman general Lucio Vero has defeated the Parthian king Vologeso but fallen in love with a Parthian princess, Berenice, who is herself betrothed to Vologeso. Powerless to protect her beloved, Berenice is faced with the choice of receiving either Lucio Vero’s hand in marriage or Vologeso’s severed head.

Sound familiar? Two words: Adriano and Siria. There’s something oddly alluring about going to (local) premieres of operas written 250 years ago.

Here’s a stratospheric-sounding morsel:


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  1. Color me extremely jealous 🙂

  2. spending the last 45min scouring your blog looking for this post to find out the name of the opera we heard 2 nights ago 😀

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