The making of ROH’s Orphée

ffwFor those who haven’t run across this, it’s a very interesting (technical but not incomprehensible) diary of the rehearsal process behind ROH’s just finished run of Gluck’s Orphée. From the orchestral point of view and written by a violist, there’s naturally much talk of bowing 😉 with details like the Monteverdi Choir leading the proceedings and the orchestra adjusting to the solos – instrumental as well as vocal.

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  1. Regie, or Not Regie?

    Thanks for sharing this. Fascinating! To be so close to JDF!! I can think of worse places to be trapped besides the viola section!

  2. having only seen her in bemf clothings, this is quite refreshing 😀

  3. Fascinating. Thanks for posting this, I wish I’d seen it.

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