Missing in action…

… due to a last minute change in schedule at work but should be back tomorrow with the report on the smashing London premiere of Pergolesi’s Adriano in Siria and some silly musings on the excellent Il ritorno d’Ulisse from Bucharest. Since I didn’t see (on ‘tube) an as satisfyingly cast Pergolesi Adriano as the one we saw the other day at Cadogan Hall, I’ll just leave you with this wodnerful end bit of Ulisse:

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  1. I’m in Bucharest and saw Ulisse last night! Absolutely loved it! Are you here in person or did you watch the live stream? Seeing Poppea tonight.

    • It was excellent, wasn’t it? Great performance by Bostridge. I’m not there, saw the livestreaming on the George Enescu Festival’s site. Are you seeing it later in London as well?

  2. Yes I’ll be seeing it at the Barbican too. The performance at the Barbican will be semi-staged and it will be interesting to compare them. Are you going to do a write-up?

  3. Excellent! 😀

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