Thursday’s Something Else on Friday (Landi)

tseI haven’t done the challenge in a while so this week I started with Weber’s Euryanthe but soon became unbearably bored with the Romantic sound. A quick scan of my list of “unheard operas” revealed I still hadn’t listened to Landi’s Il Sant’Alessio, famous for boasting 9 castrato roles. For better or worse, Christie chose sopranos for his version, with La Petibon in the title role. Turns out this is a highly enjoyable Early Baroque piece, reccomended to Monteverdi fans. Let’s hope we’ll soon enough see it (as soon as 9 countertenors/sopranos can be got in one place 😉 ) at the Wanamaker Playhouse.


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  1. i give in the the baroque violin quite easily!
    and it’s really the right way to start, flute! ( or recorders? sounds like flute). Definitely has a ring to Monteverdi.. in fact after 1.5 hr of this i ended up switching back to Ulisse…

  2. Dehgg, you do know that Sant’ Alessio has been done on DVD by Christie with an entirely male cast? Jaroussky in the lead, with Max Cencic as his wife and Xavier Sabata as his Mother. It’s done in completely historically accurate style with a set inspired by the original set designs by Bernini. Fabulous stuff and a great favourite of mine. You must watch it if you haven’t already!

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