Carmen: too good for that plot/music


click for lego Carmen

Carmen the opera is bloody boring. I love Strauss but I don’t agree with him. The music is just meh with generous helpings of sentimentalism. Maybe you need to be a musician to enjoy it from an intellectual point of view. Feel free to disagree, for me it ain’t happening. Maybe it’s the overexposure.

I’ve always felt that Carmen herself was an interesting character (especially for the 19th century) but Don Jose is the sort of annoying whiny antagonist that makes me bang my head against the keyboard. He probably strums an acoustic guitar in his spare time and writes to agony aunts of his girl troubles.

Chere tante de l’agonie,

I’m stuck here in this appalling mountain shack (no indoors plumbing) with a bunch of odorous, foul mouthed hoodlums and the coppers on my trail. All because I love her. Oh, chere tante de l’agonie, how I love her! I love her more than rain after a drought. My soul cries for her every time she is gone etc. Yet I have a nagging feeling something is terribly amiss. Of late she is grumpy all the time, pushes me away… How can I make her smile again? Help!

Dear Don Jose,

she’s not that into you. Get over it.

PS: catch up with that Michaela girl. She sounds like a good sort for you.

I think a film (along the lines of High Fidelity) would have been better than an opera.


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  1. Overexposed, yes. More rewarding to take part in than to watch!

  2. Definitely no wrestling in the version I did. Just as well perhaps.

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