Musicians as products

A succint yet very interesting article (from 2009) on contemporary classical music advertising: pictures of classical musicians speaking for themselves. I couldn’t help analysing the lot (each photographer is represented by three shots plus an odd one that I didn’t include here because I couldn’t compare it with anything else):

Felix Broede defines his subjects via location:






  • Lang Lang jazz-handy in an abstract space (“space”)
  • James Galway in a pun on “waves”
  • Jörg Widmann cornered

Mat Hennek is shamelessly glossy:






  • Anna Netrebko as high end product
  • the Fauré Quartett in a hip industrial location
  • Hélène Grimaud ready for the cover of Rolling Stone

Monika Lawrenz thinks action is revealing:






  • Gábor Boldoczki is unpretentious
  • the Beaux Arts Trio, old school and serious
  • Lang Lang is carefully packaged

Marco Borggreve sees musicians as otherworldly:






  • Harnoncourt is larger than life
  • Viviane Hagner is mysterious
  • Christianne Stotijn is a pixie

Sonja Werner wants to know where the music comes from:






  • VK communing with herself
  • Gautier Capuçon in motion, the musical process already on the way before having even made it to the stage
  • Fazil Say about to dive in a sea of notes

The pictures say a lot about the photographers and about the PR machine.


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  1. a bit unrelated.. but i was hoping to see you’d work monika ritterhaus into the post.. look at the snapshot (taken w/ new computer!!) from a simple search item on monster-google engine 😉

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