Endangered species: the Bassoon

Well, not according to these people (listen to the end):

The Guardian has an article on this featuring a hip picture (with funky scarf!) to get the cool kids interested. It’s even got over 100 comments, unlike most classical music articles (this side of regie opera productions). The secret is, if you’re a cool kid you already love the bassoon, because

The bassoon is the king of the orchestra. The emperor is the contrabassoon. (ancient wisdom)

How many other instruments look like a folded e-cigarette and sound like a whoopee cushion with a cold? No wonder the audiences felt weird when they first heard The Rite of Spring.


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  1. oh! finally the video shows up! has been the [x] on my various techno things.. but you did remind me to re-listen to that other links of bassoon..


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