Thursday’s Something Else (Chausson)

Today mum employed her tried and true method of shutting up noisy neighbours in the garden: classical music/opera. I was busy in that room (kitchen1) with my blocked ear so I caught a bit of the wailing on TV (with my good ear). Lo and behold, it was Graham Vick’s Roi Arthus production from last month, the same one that got a beating in the Guardian on grounds of being too obscure for pajamas and sofas. Now that I saw a bit here’s what I thought:

  • the music was less interesting than I imagined (lots of Romantic angst, the kind that makes me question if I like opera in the first place)
  • the singing shouting in tune was fine; my impression – one eared as I currently am – was that they (Koch and Alagna) did all they could with what they had – in every sesne of the word
  • mostly it was Lancelot and Genevieve making out/being angsty together on the sofa, which was nice (the former); their music rather run of the mill
  • I liked the garish sofa atop its “field of flowers” (also known as deep green and yellow carpet)
  • there was also a field of tall grass and flowers as such for the lovers to frolic in and I liked that as well, Koch and Alagna had good chemistry; conveying Lancelot and Genevieve as modern couple felt natural
  • people in modern dress fighting with broadswords did not faze me and I’m surprised they fazed anyone who’s been paying attention to the news in the past few years; pretty decent stage swordfighting skills, too

In conclusion: what an overreaction from Martin Kettle!

  1. mum watches Mezzo TV in the kitchen 

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  1. Regie, or Not Regie?

    yes because NObody has EVer heard of the story of Lancelot and Guinevere before—SO obscure!!! I thought the production was just fine (though the music is a bit dull). And it just popped up on culturebox!(

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