Poppea, Poppea, lascia ch’io parta!

Remember this post?

Well… statistics say1 that you’re most likely to book another opera trip right after you returned from one. My arm was very painfully twisted (ow, ow) by Leander. So I booked a ticket to see what Penda + Sabadus and Co. (with Emilie Renard) will do in Wien in October under the strange parenting of Guth and Spinosi.

What goes with Monteverdi? (Mozartkugeln! Schnitzel! Waltz! But Wien without Der Rosenkavalier…?)

  1. I made that one up! 😀 thadieu, maybe you should come too, see it done properly the European way (plus at least two mezzos in the mix). 

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  1. i did see the original post, 2 CT’s, sorry, i hit already the dosage for this and next year…

  2. Is that really the way you describe Valer to people? “The one with the pretty hair and the warm voice”?! And I thought I was bad. Sheesh.

    Yes, that’s me: absolutely, heartlessly forcing people to go to Vienna and watch Poppea. Bah! I know the reason you’re coming and it has nothing to do with Valer Sabadus. Consider your arm still in the process of being twisted, incidentally, since you haven’t agreed to Xerse yet, and you know that it just wouldn’t be a proper London branch opera outing without a plane tree, and me getting overly excited about Persian history.

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