Tito and Akhnaten sitting in a tree

  • We often hear singers talk about their roles, but most of us aren’t aware of what accompanying instrumentalists think. Today I found this snippet in which Principal Clarinetist Anthony McGill talks about that amazing gorgeous sexy beautiful moment in Tito known to us as Parto:

  • In other news, let me remind you that tickets for ENO’s Akhnaten have gone on general sale yesterday. As usual I got enthusiastic and decided to go for two Secret Seats (4 and 8 March). I’m almost as curious about what seats I get as about the production! I also have a feeling thadieu can’t wait to book her seat for La forza del destino 😉

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  1. oh wào, in english too!! save me the time reading up the synopsis! should I book all 8 shows?!


  2. with a “soprano”, tsk tsk tsk.
    that’s really cool, i never quite notice how the clarinet’s notes trail off (and dropping in pitch) as Sesto takes over.. though in this particular clip it seems a bit that the clarinet is following Sesto rather than duetting, i.e., the feeling that Sesto is going on regardless of whether clarinet has anything to say rather than pausing to reflect on what clarinet suggested.. since i clueless on music sheet, perhaps that’s how it is intended? But with Sesto in Munich they were really listening to each other with a pause-for-reflection (or at least gave me that impression)


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