It’s ROH new season(s) rumour time

The rumours. The ROH season is usually announced at the end of March. But who can wait? Not me. So (off that rumour list) here’s my should see listicle:

  1. JDD returns to ROH as Werther‘s Charlotte which I think will work well for the both of us (I tried and tried with Werther via a number of favourite mezzos and I still find it/Massenet a bore). Maybe the trick is live and with JDD.
  2. Lemieux in Enescu, that’s going to be interesting. I think? With Fura del Baus it’ll be a show all right.
  3. Angela Gheorghiu + Adriana Lecouvreur – I say yes! but er, no! to the predicted Principessa de Bouillon. I know most of you will disagree and be very happy with her… for my part I hope EG drops out so I can see the show [evil laughter]. Or I can just go see the alternative lady whom I don’t know. But she can still drop out 😉 Ladies aside, it’s also supposed to have Marcello Alvarez.
  4. La Damrau returns with her Lucia which I will have to see. There haven’t been enough damsels in distress lately.
  5. I’ve been meaning to see Sophie Koch for a good while now (just how much Strauss did I miss her in?), preferably not in Wagner, although in Tannhauser her 15min are at the beginning so it could be done 😉 must be a £10 ticket then. I can be one of those people who don’t return after the intermission…
  6. There’s also Mitridate, which is only mentioned as an aside in that link but it will apparently happen (heard this rumour before), to which I will of course make room left and right almost without regards to who’s in it – within reason, of course. Actually, nah, I’ll go even unreasonably 😉 If somehow Lezhneva sneaks her tail in you’ll have to pray for me, is all. Like you will have to in June with Don Giovanni, where it was recently pointed out to me that she’s going to be Zerlina. Hey, at least she’s not Donna Anna!

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  1. I haven’t had my Werther moment yet either – but if anyone can do it, it’s JDD.

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