One more reason to love Mattila

When I was younger I saw Ariadne and I thought, ‘Who is that boring woman sitting on that rock?’

You may or may not remember that Karita Mattila is one of those few singers who has made a physically unforgettable1 impression on me when I saw her in the flesh. Since then, though she’s obviously an excellent singer (but usually singing in a repertoire I don’t much care about), I’ve been more into her personality. She comes off as way wacky (which to me is a great thing) and out there. Her frankness is legendary and with good reason. It’s refreshing to hear/see people talk/act in unscripted ways.

Anyway: this is only news to me, but so swoon-inducing I shall remind you:

In April [20014], Mattila was booked to sing Strauss’s Four Last Songs with the Munich Philharmonic at Carnegie Hall in New York. The scheduled conductor was ill; Gergiev was brought in as a replacement. But Mattila decided they would have either her or Gergiev on stage, not both. The concert went ahead … under Fabio Luisi.

I guess she won’t be singing in Munich in the foreseeable future but it’s heartening to see people standing up for their opinions (especially when you think they’re right 😉 ).

  1. By “physically” I mean personal charisma, when it is almost physically palpable. 

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  1. I was just listening to her Elisabeth in Don Carlos this morning while getting ready – I’d love to have heard one of her live performances. (Have got a DVD of her giving a song recital – it’s amazing)

  2. that was a fun interview! i go check out some of her clips now…

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