Another take on Tornami a vagheggiar

I’ve been aware of Karina Gauvin for a good while but she’d never particularly caught my interest until her turn as Vitellia in last December’s Champs Elysees Tito. She carried that half baked production. I hope she gets the opportunity of a better one.

Though I historically rate Kathleen Battle’s rendition, today I listened to Gauvin’s version. Her voice is a lot fuller than Battle’s and I tend to go for that lightness, yet I was won over by the clever way with which she approached it. She did especially well in the midsection, where her tone came off particularly sweet. This a dreamy type of Morgana rather than a kittenish one and the ornaments are suitably… intellectual, I guess. Whatever it is, her approach left me basking in a warm glow.

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  1. Gauvin is not that good in giving soubrette and of course her Morgana is on the serious side -a bit too much for the role. Vocally very good and on point of course.

    All reserves about the voice notwithstanding, my favourite continues to be Dessay (the Christie recording of Alcina was live from a staged production and that could have helped).

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