Speaking of the audience for early Baroque opera

Hearing Monteverdi in Venice – what a cool idea! Private performances (230 participants) of the complete works plus “a newly restored” L’Arianna1.

But they come with side dishes, all adding up to ~£3,000. I wonder what do the “free vaporetto journeys, daily lectures, three dinners, interval drinks and much else besides” amount to, because I for one don’t particularly care about any of that? I’d love to simply see the operas within a week in Venice (because, as they say “there is a special frisson arising from hearing music in appropriate historic buildings and in the place for which it was written”). In fact, what attracted me to it was the prospect of seeing only one. But apparently you need to book the whole thing.

  1. I’m no fan of La Venexiana but I could possibly see that as a curiosity. 

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  1. I agree – it would be more fun just to be in Venice for a week and see the operas without having to go on all the tour-y bits with all the other people. Too bad the extras aren’t optional.


    • Regie, or Not Regie?

      …unless “all the other people” were us crazy but harmless opera bloggers. (In which case, we’d probably all go out eating and drinking, and then just find more operas/concerts to attend, and still skip the tour-y bits.)

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  2. after spending 1 full week listening to monteverdi this post on your sideline was calling for me…


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