The future of opera live streaming

ffwOne day in the not so distant feature we will get a make-your-own-adventure type of opera webcast (and later DVD) – where they have set cameras around the venue and you can watch what you want (within limits but at least not just the TV director’s version of the production). Or that’s how I hope we can make the most of these CCTV-happy times we live in. For now it’s a bit less exciting but sets your mind rolling:

Imagine being able to watch it all from different angles: want to see the audience’s mugshots when the Idomeneo rubber shark is being sung to? How about a short tour of Die Marschallin’s Glyndebourne bathroom whilst Octavian is shaving? What of the perilously upside-down hanging Orfeo – want to make sure his straps are a-ok? Or Nerone and Lucano in the bath? (I always wanted an even more detailed look at that oddly erotic scene), or a perennial favourite or mine: playing Where’s Tito? during the Salzburg Serbate dei custodi. A game for perpetually busy minds, perhaps.


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  1. Excellent idea. Instead of the camera focussing on the pretty scantily dressed soprano even when she’s not singing, I’d focus the camera on the bass who is singing. Who am I kidding? I’d focus the camera on the bass all the time, even when he’s lurking in the wings waiting to come on stage.

    • The wings could be an option as well. I guess it depends on how much reality TV we want with it. From a technical point of view it’s very doable. As long as the singers are comfortable with it all. But I know what you mean. It’s especially annoying when a singer has finished singing but they are still doing whatever (sometimes something very funny) yet the camera cuts to the next singer’s close-up.

  2. Wasn’t somebody over your way offering something in this vein not too long ago? Was it the Globe maybe? Or maybe the Space in conjunction with somebody? I breezed past it on Twitter at some point and never got back to it. :-/

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