Is it worth is? (art and politics)

ffwNot being an avid news reader, I only just read about the Netrebko/Gergiev involvement with Putin. Of course there are two sides to every story but seriously: why?

I don’t believe that either of them supports Putin out of some strongly held beliefs (though I might be proven wrong, I don’t know either of them). I also don’t believe either of them is naive. I think they do it for their own gain, whatever that is. That’s what baffles me.

What gain is that, when you’re an international star? You can go and sing/play anywhere yet for some reason (greed?) you still care about something like the Hero of Labour medal. That’s just weird. I’m being a bit glib here. It’s more about being the big boss at the Mariinsky – much bigger deal than the LSO appointment.

Netrebko seems to me the more baffling one. She’s got her Austrian citizenship, so eh? Does she really think people believe she gave money “for art“? Come on. That statement was intelligence insulting. Why in the world get involved in this? Maybe if you’re some hard-up (but ambitious) local singer who’s hoping to get an executive appointment when the voice goes. But an international star of her calibre? She could get an executive appointment somewhere else (like Bartoli). Whatever she gets from this association, wouldn’t she have got more from the Austrian Airlines sponsorship? Maybe it was worth losing that one…

I think it’s always sad when artists (especially very successful ones) get in bed with politics. It’s usually just greed of some sort.


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  1. Actually, I believe that Anna just wanted to support Ukrainian art at hard times and that’s it. So sad that she got herself invovled into the scandal but I guess she knew that her help wouldn’t stay unnoticable.

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