The 259th Mozart Day

Mozart is da man. Here’s today’s playlist :

what, no Tito? If you must…

  • Ah, se fosse intorno al trono – for a noble-hearted finish. Today I’m thinking along the lines of JK or Castronovo, the manly-voiced type of Tito.


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  1. aargh, no links? you gonna make readers go search?

    • well, I didn’t want to weigh it down. Let me get some links then.

      • oh, you actually consider the my lazy whine? 😉 no worry, i can do my own search

      • oh, that’s a 2h30min link, i stuck there now :-), what a line up!

        • That’s my fave recording of Lucio Silla, of the two complete versions I heard (the other one was Cambreling‘s – Harnoncourt just has more balls 😉 ). I have half a review somewhere, I should finish it one day… Schreier is the weak link for me, I never quite got his fatherly tone.

          • i’m highly under-exposed when it comes to mozart operas.. started when i got into opera with Vivica Genaux and she almost never sings Mozart (quoting it’s too high for her range).. then got into Tito for obvious reason ;-). then there was a wave of opera-in-cinema so i bumped into “Die Entführung aus dem Serail” with Damrau (also super like version with Hartelius) and Don Giovanni (with Röschmann), finally Marriage of Figaro Pokupic live in LA (and the fab Harteros’s MET radio version Stray gave) and Die Zauberflöte with the trio Stutzmann+Massis+Kožená .. that’s about it! Sat through a few other but i never read up the libretto.. anywho, new music is great, one can sit through the night with Mozart..

            • I’m surprised VG says Mozart is too high. She didn’t strike me as a particularly low mezzo… Then again, Cecilio is a bastard of a role, one of the reasons Lucio Silla doesn’t get staged very often. The other being that’s it’s nowhere near as good as Tito yet with a very similar theme (generous ruler).

              Those you mention are all great (err, not fond of that Don Giovanni production but of course DR is a great Elvira). The only one I’m not familiar with is the Zauberflote but I have not seen a lot of that one. I saw Pokupic as Cherubino, really hilarious 🙂 Her and Pisaroni were definitely the highlights of the production in 2013.

    • ps- only one in my head is “Venga pur, minacci e frema!” by Kristina Hammarström.. that’s the first time i heard the aria..

    • Regie, or Not Regie?

      thanx for the linx! (Luca! Yay!!)

    • great, i now wake up with overture of item 1 in my head, and the way music works, once overture is done i’ll sit through the whole thing until the finale chorus 😀

      VG discussed in some recent interview that she worked on her high notes a lot and now is the first time she’s getting comfortable with it, hence debut of Sesto last year. Before that they were quite strained and you can always spot every opportunity she had she would opt to go down

      • that is very interesting about VG. I’m surprised though, because she sang Piacere a few years back if I’m not mistaken and that’s a rather high lying role. Is her Tito anywhere to be found?

        • oh, i searched at the time but there was not broadcast.. she seems to be doing a couple of new roles / tests in small settings somewhere in france, and last year was Carmen + Sesto.. i can’t find the nice interview where she talked about working hard on her high notes to get comfortable now.. but this one is quite good, hilarious on her last-minute singing at the MET, she was replacing VK who was supposed to give her debut at the time but called in sick..
          but ja, i didn’t get into Mozart until after i discovered VK !

          • wow, she was born in 1969! I thought she was my age 😀 the story of her first Cenerentola was rather touching. But “meeting” Bruce Ford was even better! Haha. Btw, I wouldn’t mind running into Bruce Ford at a random museum. In fact when I said in the last Tito review that Charles Workman ruined the Tito Sesto one to one I was thinking about the fantastic Tito Sesto one to one Bruce Ford and VK did in London in 2002.

            • oh, i have a copy of that somewhere, there London one… listened once.. but can’t remember a thing about.. think i liked the version in Madrid more, must be b/c of the orchestra 🙂
              VG’s fav cenerentola is also my fav version, mainly b/c i absolutely love the staging idea + orchestra + all the male singers were fantastic, and she even got slapped quite hard in the mouth by Corbelli. it was actually my intro to rossini, the clip of her running from kitchen to beg Corbelli to let her go to the ball and he pulled out the gun.. in case you haven’t seen, the whole thing is on tube, but selective clips are fantastic. After watching that version, all other cenerentola’s staging were just way too boring for me 😀

              • you actually pointed me to that Cenerentola on Eyes’ blog when I said I thought Cenerentola was boring (I still think so but I liked that production too). The London Tito is very good (though nowhere near as good as good as the Salzburg one) but truly the best thing is that one to one. Aside from Bruce Ford owning a very straight forward Tito, VK does an interesting thing with Deh, per questo (different than what she did with her other Deh, per questos, of course). I don’t have the Madrid Tito. Is that the one with Castronovo and Veronique Gens?

                • oh, the madrid Tito, i can give you, VK + Alex Pendan… (can never spell her name..) + Beaumant, i put up the overture+1st duet here . Agree cenerentola is on the subdued side, my fav is tancredi simply b/c of music, followed by power-girl Isabella in L’italiana in Algeri, would have really loved to see VK in this…

                  • Agreed, Tancredi rocks. I was wondering too has there not been a more recent VK L’italiana or is she not singing Rossini anymore?

                    cheers! Please do hook me up with that Tito. I don’t think Alex Penda(tchanska) makes a good Vitellia based on her Non piu di fiori BUT doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear it. Plus Beaumont!

                    • ps- oh right, wigmore hall.. can i ask if you’ve booked online b4? or u have to call in?

                    • I’ve always booked online. If you have any problems let me know and I’ll book two seats.

                    • i think it must be sunday (today) hence apr-may concerts are not avail yet? i can wait until tomorrow 🙂 (but am anxious, if you do happen to see tix let me know, coz i don’t see anything avail on wigmore hall site..)

                    • I looked today too and didn’t see anything. I’ll keep looking of course.

                    • i still lurking on their site, they’re not on time like the germans 🙂

                    • they said February but they didn’t say what date, did they?

                    • woman at box office said Feb1 :-), but may be she meant calling in? i asked her about web tix and she said will be avail…

                    • I don’t know about calling in, never tried it. The tickets for the Barbican’s new Season are going on sale on Wednesday (Il ritorno d’Ulisse! Tamerlano!), so maybe they have the Friends of Wigmore Hall on 1 Feb?).

                    • oh wow, who’s singing Penelope? I should know Tamerlano for can’t say i’ve ever even listened to it! must be coz VK never sung it 😀

                    • Christine Rice is Penelope. There’s nothing for VK in Tamerlano, it’s rather countertenor happy.

                    • hehe, that might have explained it 😉

                    • hurrah, it’s on now… should i go ahead and get 1 and you get somewhere near? or you have recomendation on where to sit?

                    • oops, sorry, I’ve been at work. If you haven’t bought yet, get one in row 4-5 (central). But if you know she’s not particularly loud live you can get closer.

                    • wow, her shows are cheap! That’s what I like to see 😀 I’m in row O.

                    • i sent you message via email, i way up on side coz i worried big tall people in front. was quite surprised the price too, is that normal for lunch-time concert? too bad she’s singing for only 1hr, 3 would have been nice 😀

                    • I don’t know, I don’t think I’ve been there for a lunchtime concert, but some concerts are cheaper than others. I read your email but I’m afraid of not hearing the singer properly if I don’t sit centrally. If she’s successful they’ll have her back longer. Roschmann’s 2014 recital was 1/2 full and now the tix are almost sold out for both shows!

                    • i was sitting on decision to buy Röschmann’s concert.. because it’s quite far apart from Mingardo’s.. so didn’t get it in the end.. probably a mistake, i mean how often would i ever get a chance to hear her and mitsuko uchida that close…

                    • get one, I won’t kick you out 😉

                    • i might get 2 then, there’s also antonacci singing in royal theater, you might be tempted? i’ll come for sure 😀

                    • hm, maybe need to listen to her a bit more. What is she singing? The programme doesn’t seem to mention it.

                    • some french song cycle which i don’t know.. 🙂 , i can be tourist and go alone, just wanted to check out the hall

                    • Sounds rather interesting… I just think it’s weird to have recitals there.

                    • hmm, it’s taking me 1hr to see your comment, strange.. it’s not a recital, it’s some big Pappano’s show with Antonacci participating for the Chausson’s song cycle

                    • You’re right. I was thinking Jonas Kaufmann had a recital there last year and somehow mixed the two.

                    • oh for him they could try a stadium to sell more tix 😉

                    • I suppose Wigmore Hall is too small for his voice and his fans.

                    • btw, Antonacci is returning for a Lunch recital at Wigmore on 14 September.

                    • oh ja i saw release of sched for nxt yr but haven’t time to check.. was just trying to figure out if i’m in area for 10 days what else i could do 🙂 . thinking of jetting to basel to catch vk too…

                    • I was going to suggest you can go somewhere else during that period and come back to London later. What’s VK singing in Basel?

                    • la mort de cleopatre 🙂 , am also going to attempt to get tix to see harteros again in munich (almost no chance b/c kaufmann….)

                    • hey, I might be convinced to see that again.

                    • that’d be great fun! then we can book a airbnb place together or something? you might be convinced to attempt harteros the next night then if we succeed getting tix? free stay in munich at my friend’s place. on vk, i’m very sad actually not able to make it 😦 . but you should just sign yourself up to the vk’s fb site, that’s where we get updates of her sched :-).

                    • I booked things for 2, 5 and 9 May so if it’s not on any of those dates then count me in. What’s Harteros singing in Munich?

                    • 7/may, some long ass verdi that i don’t know, forza something.. , and very likely there won’t be any tix left due to kaufmann. i’ll be on the net sharply at 4am boston time on 7/march to try to get tix. we can coordinate just b4 then, i can take care of tix. my seat pref is w/ view you saw in my trovatore post, high angle on side and top to get best view of orchestra + great sound. very likely we’ll be standing…

                    • Forza del destino. Is this one of those things where it costs £1 or something? If we go I’m going to scream for Kaufmann 😀 I hope he takes his shirt off and they make out like mad!

                      I’m being silly 😉

                    • haha, i read you take off shirt and scream 😉 . just secure a place to stay in Basel! turns out i have a friend there! currently checking if you could also crash. in munich it’s either 12,50EUR or 16,50EUR or 24EUR…

                    • You have many friends! Thanks for checking. Those prices are ok.

                      (I guess depending on how hot the venue is I might 😉 I actually thought about doing that when I went to Farinelli (I was wearing an undershirt)).

                    • and now have confirmation you can also crash in basel 🙂 . still time but am checking w/ him if one of us need to bring sleeping mat/bag.

                    • Awesome! Thanks a lot to you and your friends. What date is Basel? I’m going to book annual leave for that period.

                    • 6/may in basel, 7/may in munich (pending success getting tix.., else we can stay 1 more nite in basel may be to see the city instead of rushing in and out… can also check zurich in that case since i also have friend there 🙂 )

                    • hey hey almost forgot about this one: tomorrow at 4am my time i’m gonna fight w/ internet vultures to see if we can snatch 2 tickets! just checking again if you’re still up for it? also, i forgot what price-range i told you… in the event they jack-up price (like when netrebko was there…) can i check with you anything below 35EUR is ok (that’d be the price of 17xdoubled-due-to-kaufmann).. friend also confirmed he has 1 sleeping bag so we’ll carry one to basel/munich in that case (do you have? 🙂 )

                    • that price range is ok and I’m still up for it. I’ll get a sleeping bag no problem. But in case it doesn’t work out I see VK is singing Rossini in Basel on that day?

                    • yes, in some cafe/gala/strange setting, i propose if it’s too hectic the kaufmann-show we also stick around to see VK + the alps!! i’ll check if munich tix is reasonable where we can get a view; some standing tix will be a challenge for both of us ;-), there’s no point to that (5-hr in an opera i don’t know + can’t see..), i’d go w/ VK in lounge + alps in that case.
                      I haven’t checked tix yet for basel either, but perhaps around 12/may we can check? (that’s when i back from trip..)

                    • good point, 5hrs of not seeing anything in an opera I don’t really know is a bit much even if Harteros is lovely. You mean 12 March about the Basel tix. Fine by me 🙂 Alps = bonus.

                    • got 2 tix 😀 , man i was a fraction of minute late and had to waiiit… and all tix were going faaaast :D, hope u’re ok w/ standing! sending tix chart soon..

                    • Standing for 5 hrs will test my stamina but it will make for a fun review! Cheers 😀

                    • and just done securing place to stay in munich for us with a very good friend 🙂 , i ask for 2 nites 7+8/may in case you want to stay 1 more day to explore munich.

                    • you’re a star! Will have to be back in London on the 9th for another show.

                    • ps- vk is singing a loooong list of veeeery nice handel aria in Karlsruhe on 2/mar , i so sad not able to make it, but in case you suddenly have the urge to travel

                    • !!! inconvenient date but since there’s a couple of weeks to think about it…

                    • After much deliberation I booked a ticket.

                    • i can hook you up with my 2 good friends (s and purity mentioned in my post) if you’d like

                    • Also, cheers for Tito. I listened to little bit last night – too true about the orchestra, very nice sound. Was this a broadcast?

                    • yes it was a radio broadcast, there’s a cast.txt file, i learned about it from a few clips of VK singing on tube.

                    • Yea, I saw the cast file but I didn’t catch that it was a broadcast. The recorder was optimally placed (but I also had to listen to it on my headphones as mum was alseep). I listened to the duet about 5 times – they sound oddly similar!

                    • which duet? i started listening again today, really like the orchestra, especially when supporting singers during their arias. in addition to first duet, i also love Annio + Sesto duet! and quite like Vitellia’s first take, though am not a big fan of too much ornamentation that got in the way of the mood of the moment. As for VK, what can i say, i regret discovering her too late and not able to attend a live performance of her Sesto (sniff). Actually i now realized it’s live b/c i heard thumping + clapping after Parto.

                    • There is a hell of a lot of thumping! Listen on headphones and will even hear whispering during the overture. I for one love all these external noises on live recordings, makes me wonder what was going on.

                      the duet – Come ti piace imponi. I stopped after that as it was very late but I will say VK sounded rather tired.

                    • tired? i didn’t notice that. i like some of the variations she had compared to dvd (of course dvd had been watched to death so it’s a bit of a leap to resist comparison…) . I wonder also you hear differences depending on their position to mic, coz Vitellia sounded very distant at the beginning but very strong during her first aria

                    • yes, Vitellia was very far from the mic at the beginning but came closer as Ma che, sempre l’istesso went on. You can tell they are walking about on stage. Looking forward to the variations, I usually like what she comes up with, very clever stuff.

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