ROH knows what you’re after

ROH: Dear dehggi, our oracle has predicted you will like our Mini Package B: Amphitheatre (10% discount).
dehggi: Blimey ROH, that’s exactly what I was going to book this Spring, unique snowflake that I am! Your oracle rocks.

ROH also knows its public likes Cuban music to go with all that Verdi and Puccini and booked the Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club for one hot (July) date only. Speaking of hot, my favourite BVSC tune.

ENO, on the other hand, is running The Queen of Spades in June/July. Pikovaya dama in English 😀 I guess three cards! sounds about right.


About dehggial

Mozart/Baroque loving red dragon

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  1. Love that Buena Vista track 🙂 Best thing ever to bypass a trade embargo, thank you World Circuit!

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