One for the Mezzo beard Hall of Fame


There’s also a coloratura mezzo who plays a trouser role, Edoardo. Not only does she wear pants, she also has a beard and a mustache that she shaves off with a sword in the second act. (Mathilde di Shabran)

Spectacular idea! 😀 Only ballsy mezzos need apply.

Now if you’re curious about Mathilde (or if you forgot how the hell that one goes – The Taming of the He-Shrew), here’s another funny reminder:

A group of unidentified woman (sic) appear and tell Corradino that he’s a wretch for having condemned Mathilde to death – Mandare a morte.

Clearly, the ghosts of scorned women past. Other than that, I think Mathilde is rather eh. Almost four (four?!) hours on a rather annoying and most certainly thin plot…

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  1. i gonna steal the pix….
    (will be back on different date to investigate coloratura mezzo w/ beard…)

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