Recent misses

There are times when you miss something and discover it was great only after you read a review. Stile Antico sang this at Wigmore Hall on December 31 and I missed it. I’m not exactly gutted as I did not know about it or about Stile Antico before but it’s a gorgeous piece and it must be wonderful hearing it live along with the rest of the Mass.

Invernizzi and Prina – 3 January, Wigmore Hall = MIA

What are the odds? Wigmore Hall says both ladies were ill so nada show this Saturday. I was really looking forward to an evening of Baroque love duets but what can you do? Shit happens. Some other time, hopefully soon.


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  1. Here’s Stile Antico’s old Christmas program, from their 2012 Boston Early gig

    Bummer about Invernizzi/Prina!

  2. This morning I bumped into a colleague who’s also into Baroque music and he was meant to be seeing Invernizzi / Prina – which I hadn’t even been aware of. I’m really hoping it’ll be rescheduled because now I’m aware it’s happening I desperately want to go. I’ve just discovered Prina (via her staggering “S’ impugni la spada” which Hasse seems to have stolen from Vivaldi for his Artaserse) and really, really want to hear more of her. (I’ve also got Vinci’s ‘Partenope’ waiting to be watched with her in the title role.) I don’t really know Invernizzi yet but I know she’s highly thought of and I’ve got my eye on her forthcoming album of arias written for the castrato Gizzi. Sounds like it will be / would have been a fab concert…

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