Ghosts of the past

Sanahin Monastery (Armenia). Not the church I’m talking about but close in atmosphere.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while and wasn’t sure when to post it, when Eyes posted something very similar. So I took that as a cue to go ahead with this post.

… one of my favourite memories is this summer day in the countryside, tall fragrant grass, plums heavy in the trees, pretty houses covered in ivy on the side of a country lane leading to a small, half burnt church with a puny fence, sheep grazing in the yard. The church is musty, with porous walls dark with candle and incense smoke.

The vicar told me a story about a local nobleman who took refuge in there after getting entangled in some political plot. The henchmen came in the middle of the night and he had to take off, riding [dehggi: his black steed] over the fence.

Or so the story goes. The vicar even showed me which part of the fence the prince rode over 😉 I’ve always wondered what became of him, did he make it unscathed? But I also didn’t want to know, so I could keep on making up my own stories.

All that was a roundabout way of introducing Marc-Antoine Charpentier’s Magnificat for three voices. I’m not particularly hot on Dominique Visse’s tone but the harmony is something else:


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  1. may i say how much i looooove the combo of the 3 instruments!! soooo gorgeous. have to get used to the 3 voices coz they sort of interfere :D. Actually i find with this music you have to tune down the volume a bit to let it seeps in unconsciously.. but gosh i love the pluck pluck (theobo?) + lovely string + harpsichord (i think there’s one here as well right?) to comment also on your previous post, am falling in love with that thing myself after full summer last year seeing them pacing rhythm very nicely.

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