Quick opera Q and A

ffwI’m very fond of the search engine terms. Even though google tries to hide them (I don’t believe for a moment that it’s for “safety” reasons – as if any of these big, faceless conglomerates care about people; it’s obviously for their own gain) some still escape.

Some are rather funny and to the point:

la finta giardiniera rubbish – pithy!

what was kate royal wearing at glyndebourne?quick answer: nothing! 😀 elaborate answer: obviously a skinsuit

glyndebourne prices stupid – sort of… not worse than ROH’s I’d say

Others make you think:

mozart la clemenza di tito finale analyse – right… taken at face value, the answer is obvious: balance is restored, the greater good prevails, characters subordinate their personal feelings to it. But the fun part is the answer varies greatly from production to production.

what exactly is opera? – 1. Opera is the audax of the classical world. Characterised by incomprehensible content and sections that are much longer than they look on the map, you’ll need endurance, a comfortable saddle, and a plentiful supply of snacks. Short naps are advisable. (funny answer found on accidento bizzaro)


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  1. Regie, or Not Regie?

    In general, you get way better search terms than I do.

    Although I liked this one:
    boheme ricard ashtray (look it up. it works. and I think (as you can tell from my review) it’s a pretty cool production!)

    and then there’s one I’d love to find:
    “Il progioniero gerhaher”

    and a mysterious one:
    renaissance art

  2. eh heh, I guess I should pay more attention to La Boheme productions. This one seems majorly fun. I like artifice a lot, stages on lakes and whatnot = my thing. They should have the audience floating around. I went swimming at Jones Beach in Long Island 🙂

    >>In Act 2, the gang seems to forget Mimi was with them and they wander off without her.<<<

    they should've done that right from the start! I'm sure someone could've hooked Rodolfo up with some babe had he but asked 😉

  3. Off topic I know, but lovers of Alcina may like to check in here ….

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