Two for Tuesday (Floridante duet)

Not many things better in the world than a mezzo-contralto duet, eh? The bit from 5min on is a dream.

edit (24/10/14): Yea, so the deal with posting this is as follows: I’ve been thinking about a mezzo feature after a conversation with Rob but I wasn’t all that happy with my ideas. In the days leading up to this post I became rather obsessed with the Floridante/Elmira duet I stumbled upon accidentally (I haven’t covered all Handel yet…). I ended up simply compelled to share it although it’s hardly news. There were a lot of feelings but nothing translated well into words, hence the very short introduction. I’ve since realised the world agrees with me it’s one of the best duets Handel has ever written.


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  1. if i didn’t read the names i would recognize neither of their voices! esp. w/ Mijanovic who we almost never get to hear. though i find studio recording sometimes changes the sound of singers quite a bit compared to live/radio recordings, sort of like smoothing a stick of wood full of texture down to a chopstick :-).

  2. ha, i beat you to the link, was already listening… and recalling listening before and commenting on not recognizing JDD’s voice 🙂
    But i hastily got to link coz i thought i was to the tune “Bella sorge la sepranza”.. all the same, still staying and listening. MM rocks! and i still can’t believe that’s JDD’s voice.. clearly i haven’t listened to her long enough…

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