Keep calm and Parto

One of my nightmares is the private number call which goes like this:

Workplace: Guess what? You’re working today!
Me: What?! I have only planned this day off since bloody February!
Workplace: Says here you’re working.
Me: But I’ve done three nights this week and I’m working tomorrow.
Workplace: Dunno, says here’s you’re working.
Me: But I don’t owe any hours!
Workplace: You’re working today.
Me: asfdsjfhsdkghkfjgkfdjhkh234735

Deep breath and Parto. I’m not going 😉

…but Parto is indeed my go-to aria for when shit like this happens. On top of the weather. Yep, Summer’s gone. We’ve weather again in London. In this week: Cencic is too expensive, Giannatassio’s ill, Gerhaher is sold out and I just missed Sandrine Piau. I need a clarinet flourish. At least I AM seeing Poppea, screw you, messed up work rota (which, if I had been doing it (as rumoured), wouldn’t be messed up in the first place, but that’s another story that’s not happening). Where’s the repeat button?


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  1. that’s f-up! hope u made poppea!

    • yea, I know. But the good thing in my line is you can make it up later (if it turns out you’re actually owing). Good to see you around 🙂 hope you’re doing well.

  2. My aria for such situations is “Crude furie degl’ orridi abissi” from Handel’s Serse. (The bit about spitting venom gets me every time)

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