Blogspot’s robot test makes me question my identity

My good friend blogspot seems obsessed with the possibility that robots are slowly taking over the universe, one blog reply at a time. Luckily, it has already found their weakness: they are poor-sighted.

yousuckSee what I mean? sms 135?… 7?… something else altogether? It’s bad enough that the text is so blurred it makes me slightly queasy. That on top of feeling a short circuit coming on.

I don’t disagree, robot replies are idiotic enough; you’d think blogspot has a spam capture device like wordpress does.

…but you might be wondering what my reply was about. Miah’s version is here and DR’s is here.


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Mozart/Baroque loving red dragon

Posted on October 2, 2014, in lists, rants & occasional humour and tagged , , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. I’ve given up posting replies this way – too many hoops. And blogspot is particularly averse to iPads. I go in as anonymous and hope that the blog owner recognises the tenor of my reply.

  2. Thank you, oh observant one.

  3. Regie, or Not Regie?

    I would feel bad that your rants agains the big B are almost always in relation to my blog. But your rants usually send readers my way, so … thanks? 🙂

    And Hi Eyes (I pictured you more as a lyric mezzo than a tenor :))

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