Thursday’s Something Else on Sunday (Moniuszko)

tseSo much Baroque, so little time for the weekly post! How’s about something a tad more Romantic at long last? I’ve been meaning to check Moniuszko’s Straszny Dwór/The Haunted Manor but other things kept getting in the way. You know things are off to a good start when the bass leads the proceedings. And then a familiar Bellinian choir chimes in. I’m sold. Upon checking one of my Capuleti recordings, I found out just how similar this choir+orchestra (bit starting at 5:01min in the above recording) is to the Capuleti choir (namely, A giorna apena bit starting at 6:30min here). See what I’m sayin’? He he! But since I like one, of course I like the other as well 😀


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  1. One of my favourites! Recommended to me by ‘Aramis’ 😉

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