The Tipsy Stuffed Bear Awards for Reggie Regie

tipsybearSo bad it’s good: I was recently at a loss about boo-worthy productions but thankfully someone reminded me of Neuenfels’ Nabucco. I must disappoint you, though. I don’t know that I’d boo this. Can you really frown on giant wasps doing the two-step shuffle in time to some of the most acrobatic vocal music out there?

Hey baby, nice tiles: I don’t think I’m yet worthy of the Gothenburg Carmen. This is when you’re hoping for a crocodile to slither on stage and put the chap (Don Jose?) out of his misery once and for all. I’m confused whether the director is supporting or making fun of mental illness, which is what looks like Don Jose is afflicted with. I’m leaning towards the first option, as who wouldn’t have a breakdown if they had to put up with that musical direction for too long? As my neighbours would say, szóhoz sem jutok…


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