“Has Dorothea Röschmann’s voice changed?”

… asked a reader and the internets pointed this way. Gentle reader, yes, it has changed, but what time frame did you have in mind? The past year? 5 years? 15 years? Ewa Podles was once a mezzo (exactly 37 years, 3 months and 1 day ago 😉 ). Most if not all voices change, don’t they? DR isn’t a mezzo yet, not even a dramatic soprano (not that she should be) but the voice has gained volume since the time she sang, say, In furore giustissimae irae, which was 20 years ago. But I’d like to hear her sing this today still. It’s a great motet and I’m glad for this question since it reminded me about it.


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  1. I was thinking about this very thing today. I was in the car listening to one of her Bach recordings from the 90s – I’d say it’s changed in that she sounded much lighter and more agile at the top of her range back then. The top notes take more effort now. That said, I don’t think she had the expressive subtlety then that she has now – I think she’s at the top of her game right now, Lieder-wise.

    • That’s the thing, isn’t it, as singers mature their expressiveness increases even though the notes might not come as easily. I genuinely like her voice better these days.

  2. Regie, or Not Regie?

    It’s not secret that I love, love, LOVE DR. That being said, I am not anxious for her to sing more Bach. I love her earlier Bach (and Handel, and Telemann, and etc.) recordings but I’ve been a bit less enchanted with her more recent Baroque outings. (OK Rodelinda was pretty amazing; but I was kind of let down by her B-minor mass with the NY Phil. That may be the NYP’s and or Maestro Gilbert’s fault. They are brilliant but not who I think of first when I think of amazing Bach interpreters. Both DR and ASvO had trouble overcoming the NYP’s clunkiness and only semi-discreet portamenti–so fashionable…100 years ago!)

    I mean DR can sing the hell out of anything. But, well, I guess you all have said it already. Maturer, darker, slightly less agile and ever more expressive and lovely. What I guess it comes down to is: I’d pay to hear her sing anything from Monteverdi to GaGa’s greatest hits. And I s’pose it goes without saying that I’d love to her her do Vitellia now!!

    • The subject of what we love to hear and what we can live without from our favourite singers is worth a (few) post(s) of its own. Poker Face or Bad Romance from DR – that would be funny!

      • Regie, or Not Regie?

        Before I typed GaGa, I was going to say Madonna. But I thought that would make me seem so retro. But (semi-)seriously, I could actually imagine DR taking on some Madonna songs–especially a ballad or two. I suppose that’s more ASvO’s arena though –the pop songs.

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