“The hottest opera mezzos”…?

Is there is a mezzo version of barihunks? A friend of mine asked… 😉 Actually, a couple of people reached my blog using that very specific query and it got me thinking. Hotness, although much appreciated by yours truly, isn’t the subject of this blog. But if there is such a blog, I’ll drop a link in my Mezzos page.


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  1. Regie, or Not Regie?

    There are a lot of mezzo-appreciative sites, but I don’t think anyone focuses so tightly on “looks” alone (to the near exclusion of musical discussion–it doesn’t seem to matter how well you sing as long as you look hot doing it) as Barihunks® does.

    (Although hotness can be expressed in ways other than physical. When and why did they add the ®, anyway? And lately I’ve observed that they sometimes stretch the definition of “hunk” pretty far. Some of the guys they post are more twinks than hunks. Of course “baritwink” doesn’t really have the same ring to it…On the other hand, I don’t want to argue with them about it. I mean it’s their (his) website to post whatever he (they) want…and the guys are not bad to look at, whatever they want to call them… …but I am digressing. I do that. Or maybe you’ve already noticed).

    Ahem! Anyway, maybe there’s a niche to be filled. Maybe you could start a recurring themed series “Mezzo Monday” or “White-Shirt Wednesday” (and call it something way more imaginative!) Or maybe a spin-off site! Or maybe we could form a blog co-op with other mezzo-oriented bloggers. (Or maybe I should get back to work and save the big-blog-ideas for when I am unemployed again and/or retired.)

    • Hotness is a complex issue, isn’t it? I’ve often rambled about it but I could never come up with a very coherent essay 😉 Then again, coherence and hormonal responses…

      The query made me think that I have not actually focused on mezzos beyond talking about mezzo-centric operas. To that end I decided to start a new series of the sort you’re talking about (thank you for the suggestions! 🙂 I’m thinking about something along the lines of Mezzo Monday).

      I am definitely interested in a blog co-op and have thought about the possibility before although I didn’t have any clear ideas as the concept is a bit foggy in mind. In any case I am willing to contribute in some way. We should talk more about it.

      Thank you for dropping by again and don’t worry about digressing. It’s one of my faults as well 😉 (I really went to town with footnotes when they were first introduced).

  2. I guess most of the drooling over mezzos I’ve seen has not come from guys. Drooling ver sopranos went out with Bernard Levin which I think is a shame. There are some very hot sopranos out there. Annette Dasch, Jane Archibald and Layla Claire come immediately to mind (as well as a couple I know too well to embarrass). Melanie Diener would be the ideal date if one were at least two metres tall.

    • I was not aware drooling over sopranos ever went out of style! I can think of at least three who sell out shows with their looks as much as with their voices… I agree Jane Archibald is rather easy on the eyes. I also find Patricia Petibon and Diana Damrau very appealing…

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