What are the operas on your shelf up to?


A hilarious response to a topic on talkclassical set my imagination at work. The topic was mundane (what operas do you have the most recordings of?) but this answer stood out:

They are (in no particular order) Elisir, La Fille du Regiment, Don Pasquale, Manon, Boheme, Traviata, Rigoletto, Cenerentola, and Donizetti’s three queens. They’re all over the place! I think that they must mate when I’m not around…

I liked the image of shameless shelf shagging so my answer was:

let’s see: Manon and La traviata are probably getting it on with the men in all the other operas. The Duke of Mantua is trying to shag all the ladies from each opera. Mimi could possibly like Nemorino and Tonio as well. The three queens would be too busy feuding with each other to get involved in the shagging business. Poor Cenerentola has a lot of competition in this context (especially from Mimi and Gilda).

Now how about the activity on your shelf? You know my shelf has only 6 characters but (considering the different production concepts) there’s shagging of all kinds going on 😉


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  1. My shelf has an overabundance of Vitellias (Vitelliae?) and Marschallins – probably all kinds of interesting things happening when no one is around! (Not to mention the swarm of Don Carloses, who are probably rather emotionally needy)

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