The three Clemenze’s Summer holidays in the Southern States

Hola, dehggi, greetings from sunny Miami! Atlanta was wicked, too. Thinking of going to Havana for the day but Vitellia wants a stop in the Bahamas. Sesto digs the arroz con pollo.

I ordered them from the US almost a month ago. Two weeks later I was notified that the order had been shipped. Fair enough. It’s not like I could hurry them with my poker (much as I wanted to). Now it’s been 12 days since the original shipping date and my parcel is apparently enjoying a tour of the Southern US. By the time it gets here Tito’ll be speaking with a twang. Judging by post’s unwavering decision to drive it further and further south, it might even pick up some penguins on the way…

By contrast, I once ordered from Norway on a Friday around 1am. The thing was on my doorstep Monday morning. I kid you not. If I sent myself a letter it might not have got here faster. I highly suspect a pigeon delivered it.


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  1. I’m headed back down south of the Mason-Dixon line on Wednesday – if I catch sight of your package, I’ll let it know you’re waiting and it should leave the grits and pecan pie and warm weather behind and get on across the Atlantic 🙂

  2. Regie, or Not Regie?

    (Well, that answers the question I just emailed you!)

    I find that I generally receive shipments from the UK and Germany faster than I do from a few hundred miles away in the US. Thank you US Postal Service.

    Hey, Earworm, maybe we should track down those discs and hand-deliver them?

    • wouldn’t you know, Tito and them just got here, tan and chipper than ever. It’s basically La docezza di Tito 😀 From NY to Miami = 3 weeks; from Miami to London = 3 days! But if you volunteer to hand deliver next time I won’t say no…

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