Thursday’s Something Else (Penderecki)

tseToday I was in a truly adventurous mood, seeing as how I really dislike what Penderecki I have heard so far. I can’t say I liked Die Teufel von Loudun either but there were some very neat details going on in the orchestration, well worth giving more attention. Demonic possession is right up my alley (not literally 😉 but I am interested in (mass) psychosis in general) so we were off to a good start, especially given Tatiana Troyanos’ presence, who can pull me in to something I’m iffy about. So, yea, needs further exploring.


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  1. Regie, or Not Regie?

    It’s been eons since I heard this (it was rough going–and I really dig his St. Luke Passion). I seem to remember reading that TT actually carried a pitch pipe on stage during the performances.

    • I steeled myself before attempting it 😉 the pitch pipe must’ve helped, she sounded outstanding as usual. Or maybe it’s just my slavish devotion…

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