L’incoronazione di Monteverdi: compare and contrast

This post brought to you by number 2

I decided for somewhat mysterious reasons1 that I needed to see two different Poppeas this year. Where initially I was unsure about what to do this Autumn, it now turns out I will attend 7 different (or semi-different, considering the two Poppeas) Baroque shows. And likely two more Handels in February (more compare and contrast). That adds up to a lot of recitative, innit? I was going to say da capo arias but not so much in Monteverdi. Now if only anyone in the Greater London area puts on Il ritorno d’Ulisse in patria… then I will have to find another one somewhere else… on top of the two Idomeneo performances. And the lone non-Baroque opera in the middle of it all? I due Foscari. I’s cursed.

A while ago I set Wednesday as Richard Strauss day. Almost immediately I drifted. I haven’t listened to a new (to me) Strauss work in two (this could turn into a drinking game) months. I might be Strauss-ed out. But here’s hoping after all that numbers-fest I’ll crave through-composed anything 😉

  1. I blame it on all those bloody “compare and contrast” papers I had to write at Uni. A show in itself ain’t complete if I can’t compare it to another show of the same kind… 

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