There will never be another…

ffwYes, there will never be another [insert mind blowing singer of the past, or – shudder, gasp! – present here]. But there will one day be a singer that will blow minds (hopefully yours, mine) in a different way. If one is always hung up on the past, they will miss that new mind blowing experience. Which might be a good thing, too much blowing of the mind could start to resemble a bad acid trip 😉 Joke aside, why restrict yourself? Why linger on what was and won’t be again?

Question: Are you saying I should part with a week’s wages for a crap production just on the off chance that the singer strapped to the gurney might be the next [favourite singer]?

Answer: Yes. There is great pleasure in discovery. If you’re not adventurous about something you love then what? But you’re cheapening [fabulous singer] as well as the future singer by saying the next […]. There is only one […] and only one of that future mind blowing singer. Enjoy them on their own terms.

There will never be another […] so why bother? is is the kind of mentality that makes opera a museum piece. There will never be another [amazing singer from, say, the ’50s] because it’s not the ’50s anymore. Every age has its own singers and its own productions, as scary or alien as they might appear if you continue to grasp at the good ol’ days. Which is not to say that you should divorce yourself from things you enjoy. There is a chance that you’ll never like another singer quite as much as your current singer of choice. You might still like future ones a great deal if you’re ready to accept what they’ve got to offer.

I actually didn’t mean to post this today as there’s enough going on but I somehow got confused with WP post scheduling… Anyway, here it is, the rant of the week 😉


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