Glyndebourne 2014 is on

The East Sussex festival kicks off today with a performance of their new Der Rosenkavalier production, which will be broadcast live in cinemas and streaming online on 8 June. Watch it if you can, Tara Erraught rocks 🙂

Looks like they aren’t live streaming anything else this year, which is a shame. The only other one they will be showing in cinemas (pre-recorded in 2010) is Don Giovanni on various dates in July. That one boasts Pisaroni’s very funny Leporello, so it’s worth checking out, if you don’t own the DVD.

A propos of nothing, I noticed this year the shuttle bus ticket is not included in the ticket price. Hard times?


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  1. What are your thoughts on the critics and Coote’s letter?

    • I’ve seen the snide criticism but having seen Erraught in live streams twice so far I know both what she looks like and what she sounds like. What I care about is that she’s very talented and I can’t wait to see her in this production on 5 June. And good job Coote for standing up for a fellow singer. I agree with her that too much accent is put on looks these days. It’s not that they don’t count but hurling insults at an excellent singer based on their looks is just as stupid as pushing forward another that is all looks and mediocre voice.

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