ROH’s 2014 Idomeneo (3-24 November)

I’m really chuffed about this, after having caught the Idomeneo bug at the beginning of the year. Matthew Polenzani, whom I enjoyed as Tito last month, will tackle the title role and he’ll likely sound excellent but isn’t he a bit young for a father role? Bystrom will surely make that D’Oreste, d’Ajace ring and we’ll see how she deals with the softer moments. Sophie Bevan has the chops for Ilia. Chap Idamante could be interesting, I haven’t heard a production featuring a countertenor yet. I looked Fagioli up and hey, his Dopo notte ain’t bad at all. In fact, it’s pretty damn great and you might remember I think Ann Hallenberg owns Ariodante. I wouldn’t mind seeing Fagioli in this role either – not that this has anything to do with Idomeneo, just a random observation. Moving on, I like Minkowski so no problem there. Curious what Kusej does this time. But most of all I want to hear the ensembles and choruses rock the ROH auditorium. Perhaps I could go twice?

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  1. It’s Minkowski – make it three.


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