Alcina as imagined by Ariosto

Orlando Furioso by Lodovico Ariosto

Canto 7


Her shape is of such perfect symmetry,

As best to feign the industrious painter knows,

With long and knotted tresses; to the eye

Not yellow gold with brighter lustre glows,

Upon her tender cheek the mingled dye

Is scattered, of the lily and the rose.

Like ivory smooth, the forehead gay and round

Fills up the space, and forms a fitting bound.


Two black and slender arches rise above

Two clear black eyes, say suns of radiant light,

Which ever softly beam and slowly move;

Round these appears to sport in frolic flight,

Hence scattering all his shafts, the little Love,

And seems to plunder hearts in open sight.

Thence, through mild visage, does the nose descend,

Where Envy finds not blemish to amend.


As if between two halves, which softly curl,

The mouth with vermeil tint is seen to glow;

Within are strung two rows of orient pearl,

Which her delicious lips shut up or show.

Of force to melt the heart of any churl,

However rude, hence courteous accents flow:

And here that gentle smile receives its birth,

Which opes at will a paradise on earth.


Like milk the bosom, and the neck of snow;

Round is the neck, and full and large the breast;

Where, fresh and firm, two ivory apples grow,

Which rise and fall, as, to the margin pressed

By pleasant breeze, the billows come and go.

No prying Argus could discern the rest,

Yet might the observing eye of things concealed

Conjecture safely, from the charms revealed.


To all her arms a just proportion bear,

And a white hand is sometimes descried,

Which narrow is, and somedeal long; and where

No knot appears, nor vein is signified.

For finish of that stately shape and rare,

A foot, neat, short, and round, beneath is spied.

Angelic visions, creatures of the sky,

Concealed beneath no covering veil can lie.

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  1. Sounds just like Harteros.

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